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2GSM started as shorthand for the primary focus of every business, whether your company is located online or offline, your company needs more sales. To Gain Sales Matters was born with the intent to provide much needed services, training and tools to provide our clients with what they need to obtain that goal.

In today's marketplace, you have to be established both locally and online. When it comes to the Online segment of the marketplace, you need to have multiple 'properties' up and running. These 'Properties' include Social Networks, your company domain(s), an active Social Marketing strategy and now, most recently, you need to have all of these properties 'Mobile' capable. That is why over the past ten years, we have grown from a basic Website Development company into a full service firm.

  • Custom Website Development
  • Social Marketing Services
  • Mobile Marketing Services
  • Customer Retention and Relationship Development

Custom Website Development

Whether you want an easy to use and update WordPress based website or custom PHP programming for a membership or Shopping cart system, we make it happen.

Social Marketing Services

The Social Networking platforms have grown exponentially and your social campaigns need to stay up to date with the services, tools and features that are changing almost weekly.We can combine multiple networks into a single dashboard to make managing the Social 'Spaghetti Bowl' easier.

Mobile Marketing Services

Mobile marketing is a massive platform, Apps, Mobile Responsive Websites, GoeTargeted Marketing Services, Text Message Marketing are just the tip of the iceberg for today's business. Let us help turn that iceberg into a small ice cube that generates prospects, leads and sales.

Customer Retention

Most business owners would tell you it is much easier to sell to an existing client or customer than to promote to a new prospect. Let us help turn your prospects into long term, loyal customers that want to promote your business to everyone they know.

Logo Stingers

Logo Stingers can be used in a multitude of ways. As a Branding option, add them to the start or end of your promotional videos or commercials to increase brand awareness and create a memorable brand concept, or simply run them in a loop on your social media and web pages.


Membership Sites

Whether you are looking for a custom coded PHP or PERL based membership site or would prefer an easier to manage WordPress based Membership, we can provide you with just what you are looking for. Read More

Social Engagement Services

Do you have the time it really takes to ensure your clients and customers are reminded of your products or services on Social Networks? Insteaad of hiring someone full time, let us handle it for you at a much lower rate per month than even a part time employee. Read More

SMS (Texting) Services

It is a fact! Up to 90% of all SMS messages are opened and read within 60 seconds of being received! Is YOUR message being read by your prospects or clients? Let us help you grab their attention today. Read More

Customer Retention Services

Nothing can hurt your business' reputation quicker than a socially connected disgruntled customer. We have tools available to help notify you of an unhappy client BEFORE they start posting it everywhere online. When you receive the notification, it will provide you with a direct method of contacting that client so you can address the issue quickly and effectively. Read More

Custom WordPress Websites

Did you know WordPress powers over 25% of all websites? Major corporations like Coca Cola, UPS and others use WordPress. Why isn't YOUR website on WordPress yet? Read More

Mobile App Development

Apple, Android, Windows apps and Mobile Websites don't have to cost you thousands of dollars. Check our prices and the level of service we provide. You won't look any further. Read More

Social Networking Services

Looking to just 'Spice' up your social network page(s)? What about adding a contest or other lead generating service to your social pages? We have custom apps that work with or inside Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others to build that all important lead list for your business. Read More

Webmaster Tools

So you manage your own website? Good for you! You have to take a look at some of the premium tools and services we have available for webmasters. Our tools are easy enough to use that a beginner feels comfortable in a few minutes and still powerful enough for a professional. Read More


The Working Horse Magazine
Oct. 3, 2014Colorado
This project included a full featured Facebook Business page, ongoing contests for a print magazine in the Working Horse Niche. We also built the website they use to display ads for horse breeders and ranchers.[...]
You Can Build It
August 18, 2010California
This WordPress website is focused on providing ongoing training , weekly podcasts and resale products for up and coming entrepreneurs. [...]
Geneva Shore Report
Jun 14, 2015Wisconsin
This is an example of our complete package development. The site contains four separate WordPress installations along with ongoing customer relationship management and social networking.[...]
Mobile Press Plus
June 5, 2012North Carolina
This is our Mobile Services website. It includes services for Mobile Marketing, SMS, QR Code generation and Mobile Lead Generation tools. [...]
Social Press Plus
May 13, 2012Iowa
This is our Social Networking and Marketing Services website. We can manage your Social Advertising Campaigns, create Social Network Pages and Apps and even keep tabs on your online reputation. [...]
Offliner's Academy
April 10, 2010Arizona
This is an example of a Facebook fanpage that was created to help build a contact list for a training center teaching their members how to provide services to local small business owners.[...]
Easy Benjamins
November 14, 2009Arkansas, USA
This is an example of a Private Social Network built specifically for members of this business development training, all using WordPress. [...]
September 21, 2009Florida
This site was created to allow Distributors from across the country to place orders and collect payments via mobile devices while standing in the client's store. As soon as the sale went through, the client would receive an email with a confirmation and receipt attached. Delivery was usually scheduled for the following day. [...]
2GSM is the best way to get a fast start for an online business and is a great value for launch, learning, and long term cash flow. Thanks for a fantastic system. I am sure it will only get better with all our new members. Best Regards, Paul J
Paul J Hindelang,EngineeredLeadership.com


With the internet and tools available, you are no longer restricted to using a local firm. This allows you to shop for better services at better prices. While we may only have two physical offices, we are able to meet with any client that has a computer or smartphone and has internet access via video chat, Skype and live webcasts as if we are right in the meeting room sitting across the table from you.


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